RADIO FRAGMENTS: new book announcement

I'm very relatively happy to announce the (self-) publication of my first book of pomes, RADIO FRAGMENTS. There's a new section of the site for it, with more info and a link to purcha$e it. If you enjoy the stories and pomes on this site and/or my twitter, chances are you will enjoy this book, as I allegedly wrote it. Thanks in advance to anyone who purchases it... I promise I worked really hard on it and you might not be disappointed. If you have bought and read it, drop me a line, or a picture of your face next to the book, or a video of you burning it and cursing my name on twitter or in email - brendlewords@gmail.com. I might compile some sort of reader review/feedback thing. Who knows? Thanks to Andrew Ohlmann, who did the cover design and illustration.

I've also added a new section of the site that has all of the various articles I've written for different sites in the last few years. Check these out if you like Opinions about Stuff.