This description should be concise and serious. It should inform potential buyers about the value of the product. RADIO FRAGMENTS consists of ninety-one prose poems. Of that, at least, we can be sure. A male and female fight inside a car. Riot police take the streets. Sleeping dogs lie. It explores themes. Or not. Place it under table legs or in dirty backpacks. It is a collection of words describing itself and possibly other things. It will one day decay into radio waves along with everything else. [a sentence describing its merits soothes you, promises you profundity]. Created in an offshore factory by absentfaced expendables. Released into the wild circa 2012. The description continues...

RADIO FRAGMENTS is also available from Amazon [audience boos], but they take a piece of my action when you buy it from them, so, if you're going to buy it, which you should, in my opinion, please buy it from the createspace (also owned by Amazon, lol) store linked above if possible and support me, the guy what wrote these words, who desperately needs a paid-for-with-poetry yacht. Thanks.

NON-US PEOPLE: You can buy the book from Amazon europe, just search for RADIO FRAGMENTS and it should be the first result. Here's the UK link.

Although made from 91 separate poems, it's meant as a single work. So instead of providing traditional sample pages of the book, I thought it would be more interesting to make a big budget blockbuster trailer (read: animated gif) for it, using snippets from throughout the work and putting them together to give Potential Consumers a better picture of what this thing is all about. The trailer is about 2 minutes long and is best viewed in the dark, under the influence of hallucinogens, immediately after a gratifying sexual experience.

If you have any questions about the book or lavish praise, hit me up on twitter @brendlewhat or send me an email:

Special thanks to Andrew Ohlmann, who provided the great cover design and illustrations. You should check out his website if you want to be cool, attractive and feel worthwhile as a human being.